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Baldwin Elementary

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Principal's Message

Principal’s Message

Welcome to Julia Baldwin Elementary School! We have smart and enthusiastic students who engage in a variety of learning experiences on their journey to becoming college and career ready. Our school community is made up of outstanding students, a dedicated staff of caring professionals, hard working parents, and a warm and supportive community. We work together for the success of all of the children at Baldwin Elementary School.

Our curriculum is rigorous and designed to engage students in collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication. We approach this through exploration, inquiry and project-based learning for all content areas.   In math, students are concerned with multiple solutions as opposed to finding just one answer and they are prepared to present their solutions in various ways. Balanced Literacy is implemented for Reading Aloud, Shared Reading/Writing, Guided Reading/Writing, and Independent Reading/Writing. We invite you to visit often and join our team as guests and as volunteers.

Technology is a focus and you will find Kindergarteners using kindles and chrome books for instructional purposes.   They may be creating graphic organizers to help them organize their thinking or reading for meaning using their digital devices. We connect home and school in many ways. We use RAZKids and Khan Academy and we offer parent training for home use. Baldwin parents and Foster Grandparents contribute greatly to our school community in so many ways. They support teachers, they volunteer and they raise funds to enhance our programs.  We are able to offer many opportunities to our students with technology, arts, assemblies, and science camp due to the dedication of our staff and the hard work of our parents of which we are grateful.

As a Positive Behavior Intervention Support school (PBIS), our students are acknowledged, recognized and rewarded for their positive behaviors. Baldwin Panthers understand respect, responsibility, and safety.   These acknowledgements occur school wide, in class and individually.   Safety and a warm caring environment is an essential aspect of our school culture. You are invited to join your child for lunch and you may be invited to sit at their VIP table.

Our guiding principle is clear: It is all about the children so do what is right for our students.]